Coming Soon, the Faith Stories video database and additional resource for the book, "On the Spiritual Road: Seeking Faith and Religion in the United States." Below is the video that started the project and explains the vision of our Project Director, Andrew Harrison.

This website will be set up as an educational tool for people to:

  1. Learn more about different faiths
  2. Learn the stories of people who practice those faiths

Why are we doing this?

Because it's needed. The goal of the project is to humanize different faiths/religions by interviewing people from varying cultures and then sharing their stories in an impartial format without a religious agenda. At a high level, the website and book will:

  1. Share approximately 150 videos of how people found their faith/religion
  2. Describe what they like most about their faith/religion
  3. Talk about how they practice their faith/religion in today's society
  4. Explain the key elements of 12 or more different religions

Faith Stories and "On the Spiritual Road" will be a conduit to people living their faith in a positive way. The combination of stories and information will help educate those who have religious and spiritual questions. Faith Stories will also add a unique flavor and awareness to spiritual and religious dialogue. Our hope is that this forum will be an asset for learning, peace and unity.

We have done over 45 interviews thus far and the page will be going live soon. For more information about Andrew Harrison, go to

Our parent 501(c)(3) organization is Odyssey of Humanity. We are looking for additional support from other organizations who believe in interfaith education and dialogue. Please contact Andrew Harrison,